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I had a wonder of the end whether or not which is in the universe in the childhood.

I chose an engineering department in the university, and  worked long as the researcher of the logistics.
After that, I began to draw a picture in earnest by the 60 years-old retirement.

By these days, the general direction book of the cosmology quite stood in line at the bookstore and I, too, was reading those books well.

The space which I draw gets an idea from the book of the cosmology but I am not the spokesman of science.

In the first place, the cosmology is because it is a hypothesis and theory and is not the space which the eyes can see visually.

It is in the fact that the different space is possible infinitely that I had an interest at the present space in the difference of the physical-constant according to the space hypothesis of multiverse.

This attractive hypothesis stimulates my imagination greatly.

Now, anyone knows that it began with the Big Bang about the space.

However, I have the desire to want to attempt to peep into the end of another space while living.

Katsuyoshi Kameda

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Katsuyoshi Kameda


Born in Tokyo in 1948.

Saitama University construction of foundation engineering department graduation

Nittsu Research Center Co., Ltd. research laboratory chief researcher

Tokyo Institute of Technology task professor

Enter the creating of a picture in retirement, after that at 60 years old.